Discover London On One Of The Great Weekend Trip Ideas

weekend trip ideas

London is an awe-inspiring city not only because it is the capital of the UK but also due to its rich history, remarkable architecture and scenic beauty. The most moving aspect of the city of London is it has an ever-changing style with a charisma that can leave even the pickiest backpacker with a wide smile!

With paved streets, engaging events and plenty of places where you can have a bite-to-eat, London is the ideal destination for anyone who is looking for weekend trip ideas. Weekend trips are awesome but one cannot explore the London in such a limited time while carrying just a cabin bag. We have jotted down a few places where you can enjoy to the fullest all the while soaking in the best London has to offer!

For the Natural History Enthusiasts – Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

It is often considered one of the best natural history museums in the world! It has one of the best collections of natural history exhibitions with artefacts sourced from all over the world! With so much to offer to its visitors, the administrators of the museum kept entry to the same free – a bonus for those who are on a tight budget! Within its confines, there are a few exhibitions where one needs to pay a nominal fee before entering but most of the exhibitions at the museum are free.

Word to the wise: To avoid the crowd and chances of losing your cabin bag in the mix, do opt for visiting the museum in the later hours of the afternoon.

For the foodies – Leadenhall Market

The Leadenhall Market should be on top of your ‘place to visit in London’ list! It is a Victorian Era Hall that is considered as one of the loveliest and picturesque markets to explore while one is visiting London on a weekend trip. These days, one may find that several small stalls that used to crowd the area are gone but the place is still brimming with cafes and eateries that can satiate the needs of a food lover to their heart’s content!

Word to the wise – Don’t forget to visit the Lamb Tavern if you are a carnivore who just can’t get enough of Welsh Lamb Chops!

For the family – The Hyde Park

The Hyde Park

What is more appealing than a picnic and some cricket with your friends and family when the sun comes out!? The city has a lot of green patches that the city’s folks just can’t get enough of! One of the most popular parks in the city is the Hyde Park known for its beautiful ambience, especially during the summer days!

London is a beautiful city and it has some spooky and gorier places to offer to those who have a thing for the supernatural! Visit the London dungeons and you won’t be disappointed! The city has a habit of presenting itself to everyone in an interesting way no matter who you are and what interests you keep. The places mentioned above are just a few the city has to offer. Visit the city and who knows, you might find out some hidden gem within its limits!