4 New & Exciting Hobbies to Start This Summer 


Even in the UK, with the typically unpredictable and usually somewhat chilly British weather, you can still be sure that you will experience at least a few weeks of warmer weather and blue(ish) skies this summer

Summertime ushers in warmer weather, which can be inspirational and motivating when planning holidays and other adventures, beginning new hobbies, and expanding your extracurricular interests.

To help you with the latter, here are four new and exciting hobbies to start this summer. 

  • Gardening 

Whether you are fortunate enough to have a large garden attached to the back of your property or have a small and intimate green space at the front of your flat, no matter the size of the outdoor space at your disposal, you can make it look absolutely beautiful.

Learning the basics of gardening, or even simply getting out there and choosing colourful and vibrant flowers, plants, and shrubs to frame the doors and windows, will not only brighten the exterior of your home but also improve your physical fitness. 

  • Photography

One of the most popular hobbies among people of all ages is one of the oldest creative pursuits: the art of photography. 

Of course, digital photography is a viable option, and there is certainly merit in being able to digitally alter virtually anything in the photograph you initially take, but for a real creative experience, you may want to invest in a ‘retro’ film camera.

Furthermore, should you find yourself becoming increasingly passionate about and interested in the world of photography, you could also consider building a mini darkroom in your shed or garage so you can develop your own photographs at home. 

  • Sewing 

Try your hand at sewing. It can benefit you in a range of ways, both in terms of your physical health and your emotional well-being

Such benefits include, amongst a host of others, the following:

  • You will be able to make new clothes out of any fabric you choose
  • You can let your creative juices flow with the needle
  • Your flexibility and dexterity in your hands will improve 
  • You can pass on your new skill to your children and your grandchildren

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  • Yoga

Last but certainly not least, should you be someone who often suffers through periods of stress and anxiety, then something more spiritual as a hobby may well be more beneficial, and yoga is a fantastic place to start.

There are a huge number of advantages to learning even the core basics of yoga, including improvements to your core body strength, a more regulated nervous system, more flexible limbs and a sense of relaxation and contentment.