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Cookies are small computer files that are put on to your computer system whenever you look at a website either its business website or a blog. They are available for many different reasons but generally make things a little easier for you by remembering your preferred settings and mean you don’t have to keep typing in your email address. You can learn more about cookies here.

This blog Megri.co.uk is using Google Analytics tool for tracking of the number of visitors, how often people return, how long they spend on the blog and so on. This is done by the use of cookies. You cannot be identified by the information.

If any site visitor or you don’t want cookies to be stored, then most of the web browsers will allow you to turn them off. For better help with this then have a look at here.

When you leave any comment then blog editor have access to the email address you entered which we will not store and share with anyone. We have not stored your data like Name or Email to get in touch with you.

Contact Information

At any moment, please contact us at https://www.megri.co.uk/contact for questions related to this Privacy Policy.

Last updated: 16th May 2021