Eating Roasted Guinea Pig in Peru Cuy Asado

Cuy Asado

While in Peru, I knew I had to have cuy asado, or roasted guinea pig. Why was I required to? If you’re the adventurous sort, eating is one of the things you do when you visit Peru. In case you were curious, cuy is Spanish for “guinea pig.” In this evaluation of fine dining, I’ll use both phrases interchangeably.

The Spanish word for a guinea pig is

In Spanish, cuy means guinea pig. A common Peruvian meal called cuy is made of cooked guinea pig. Ecuador is a popular place to try it, and the Andes are another favourite location. For travelers, the excitement of trying something new is what makes cuy so popular. Even though most people only eat guinea pig once, we’ll discuss it later.

Asado Cuy

Roasted guinea pig is referred to as cuy asado. One of the more well-liked methods for cooking guinea pig meat is this. The guinea pig is simply skinned, split open, and have its insides removed before being placed on the grill. We’ll discuss the flavor shortly. Fried guinea pig is a another well-liked technique. The only difference is that it’s greaser.

It’s important to note that many Central and South American nations enjoy roasted meat. Pollo asado is roasted chicken. I’m not surprised that the guinea pig I was given was cuy asado as a consequence. Asado, which is Spanish for “roasted,” has only one drawback: it’s dry and, well, dull.

What is the taste of guinea pig?

You’ll probably only eat guinea pig once. My cuy asado was really overcooked and rough. In addition, the guinea pig has little meat to begin with. Strangely, neither sauce nor seasoning was applied to the cuy. As a result, I didn’t particularly enjoy the flavor of guinea pig. You may now imagine what eating rough cardboard would taste like, which is how guinea pig tastes.

Why are Guinea Pigs Eaten?

Why not first before we discuss why humans eat guinea pig? The animals that are eaten most commonly across the world include pigs, cows, and chickens. I can confirm that those three actually taste the greatest because I’ve consumed all other kinds of animals around the world. The majority of other animal flesh has an odd, harsh, or gamey flavor.

Why is guinea pig eaten by people? Because it is plentiful and accessible in the Andes, people consume it. The lunch in the photo above may not be something that many people truly enjoy, but it is accessible and reasonably priced, so why not? Rats are comparable to the cuy experience I’ve had, which is described below, and I’ve eaten them previously.

my culinary experience with cuy asado

Near the Plaza de Armas, I found a place whose name doesn’t matter and placed a cuy asado order. A little while after, these amusing South Koreans entered, and one of the males placed the identical order. I’d categorize eating guinea pig as a once-in-a-lifetime event. I’m pleased I did it because if I hadn’t, I would have been a typical traveller. If it ever occurs, you may as well get married and begin watching reality television.

Let’s focus on the fries while talking about my experience eating roasted guinea pig. Not much better than the guinea pig were the fries. I believe adding cabbage or anything with sauce would be a wonderful addition if you’re eating cuy asado. It was a depressingly dry lunch throughout.

Curried Recipe for Guinea Pigs?

That would have been good with a curry cuy. Maybe remove it from the bones and incorporate it into something spectacular. The tomato that was provided was attractive in appearance but didn’t really contribute anything to the dish other than to give moisture. Cuy is shown in its current form for shock effect; seeing it on the bones makes it seem more daring. There is no confusion between eating cooked guinea pig and eating cuy when it is prepared like the one above.

Go there if you’re nearby! You’ll never forget your guinea pig eating experience in Cusco, Peru. When fresh, cuy asado essentially tastes like chicken skin on top of bones. It turns chilly after about 20 minutes, and you just want it out of your sight!