7 Most Promising UK-Based Stocks to Invest in 2023

Stocks to Invest in 2023

While stocks are never guaranteed to be successful investments, a few UK-based stocks have proven to be rather promising this year. From tech to pharmaceuticals, these seven stocks have had a promising start to the year and are primed for potential success in the coming years. So, whether you won big playing the Sweet Bonanza slot game and have some cash to invest, or you’re just looking for a good stock, here are the seven most promising UK-based stocks for 2023.


The pharmaceutical giant has seen great success in recent years thanks to their work on vaccines and treatments for COVID-19. Based out of Cambridge, the company was founded in 1999, and has been owned by Pascal Soriot since 2012. Outside of their heavy involvement with developing treatments for the coronavirus, AstraZeneca is a leader in cancer treatments and drug development, and has been booming in recent years making them worth keeping your eyes on as an investor.


Despite having been around since 1909, British multinational oil and gas company, BP, continues to be one of the most promising stocks in the UK. In recent years, BP has seen a major upswing as oil prices have increased and they’ve successfully navigated the pandemic landscape with an eye on clean energy investments. British investors could find serious success investing in BP as a London-based company.


Diageo, the London-based beverage giant, may be known for its alcohol brands such as Guinness, Smirnoff, and Johnnie Walker. However, the company has also seen success in non-alcoholic beverages as well under the Horizons Ventures label. Regardless, the demand for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will not be slowing any time soon, and it’s safe to say that Diageo is a worthy contender in the stock market.

HSBC Holdings

With branches located around the world, it’s no secret that London-based banking giant, HSBC Holdings, is one of the most well-known financial institutions in the world. While many do not know this, HSBC was in fact the first bank to offer consumer banking in the UK, and has been doing so since 1865. Despite being founded in Hong Kong, they are headquartered in London and have managed to secure the fourth spot on our list.


GlaxoSmithKline, based in Brentford, UK, is a major player in the pharmaceutical world. They’re one of the go-to names when it comes to research-based pharmaceuticals and healthcare. GSK has a track record of being a dependable investment, and they’ve been on quite the growth trajectory since they got rolling in 2000. Their focus on innovation has led to products that have genuinely improved lives worldwide. For British investors looking to add a reliable healthcare company to their portfolios, GSK with its solid patents is a smart choice.


As the online gambling industry continues to grow at rapid speeds, Lottoland, based out of Gibraltar, has become one of the leading online lottery operators in Europe. Employing over 350 people and serving betters and gamblers from around the world, Lottoland has become a popular choice for those interested in investing in the gambling world. With predictions expecting the industry to continue to grow in the next decade, it’s a solid prediction that Lottoland will also see increases in its stock prices in the near future.

Unilever Plc

Although it may come as a shock to see a packaged goods company on our list, a quick glance at Unielever Plc’s recent success will explain why it’s here. The London-based company is one of the largest consumer packaged goods companies in the world and its products can be found in households all around the globe. Ranging from condiments to pet foods, health and beauty products to cleaning solutions, Unilever Plc is a leader in consumer-packaged goods, and they continue to expand at a promising rate, as they have been doing since their establishment in 1929.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are just getting started in stocks or are a veteran investor with a lengthy portfolio looking to take on a few new UK stocks, these seven stocks are sure to be promising picks given their history of performance and future potential. So, why not look into these options and see which ones suit your investment goals?