Aspiring To Become A Conveyancing Solicitor? These Are The Skills You Need


Having a successful career as a conveyancing solicitor really does depend on whether you have the essential skills or not. However, the good news is that they can be learned through personal development and time investment. There’s also a lot of different resources and learning platforms online that can aid your personal development too. But knowing which skills are the most applicable to your prospect career is the first step you should make. 

The most important skills that a conveyancing solicitor must have is confidence, empathy, communication skills, influence, time management, integrity and humility, all of which are going to be discussed in this article.

Let’s get started. 


It can be quite hard to speak up and give your clients bad news. That’s part of the reason why confidence is a crucial skill for a conveyancing solicitor to have. It’s important to recognise that some owners will not get the price they’re looking for when selling their house so speaking to them about the numbers with confidence will greatly help.


Empathy plays a critical part of being a conveyancing solicitor and is correlated with how well you’ll work with your clients. If you show more empathy towards prospective home buyers, then they will feel more valued and cared about during what can be a stressful process.

Communication Skills

Effective communication and confidence are both intertwined. Conveyancing solicitors must be able to communicate in different ways when speaking with different parties. This also includes being able to listen to people and their opinions. The way a conveyancing solicitor communicates is important if they want to build good relationships and have a productive work ethic. 

Time Management 

This skill isn’t just applicable to conveyancing but is important to have no matter what profession or industry you work in. Time management will make both your personal and professional life a whole lot easier. It will enable you to work out what things you need to do first, or what can get left for later (or not done at all). Time management is now a lot easier due to the various project management tools out there such as Trello, Asana and Monday so it’s well worth checking these out. 


Being honest and of moral character is extremely important if you want to work as a conveyancing solicitor. You’ll always be acting in the best interests of your clients so being completely open with them is important. Selling and buying property can be very stressful, some people do find it easier than others but having an honest work ethic on every project is key.


When it comes to being a newly appointed conveyancing solicitor, some get a little obsessed with their new title and status. However, being a great solicitor is all about problem solving and serving your client’s needs. A conveyancing solicitor never achieves much if they are more concerned with themselves rather than the clients who require their property expertise.


Multitasking is a key skill that you must have if you’re looking to have a successful career in conveyancing. Like we previously mentioned, you’ll be dealing with a range of different parties during each property transaction so being able to serve all their needs and conflicting time schedules is key. 

Use These Skills for a Prosperous Career

To have a successful career, a conveyancing solicitor should possess all of the skills that we have discussed during this article. Without these skills, being a conveyancing solicitor isn’t really possible.

However, a good thing to take note of is that these skills can also pave the way for alternative career opportunities too. As well as gaining these skills and working as a conveyancing solicitor, you’ll also be able to find jobs within the property development, banking, and housing association industries. Obviously, these different job opportunities will depend on the current job market at the time you’re looking. 

Either way, the skills we’ve mentioned can open up a world of different opportunities and position you as a professional in your field so take the time to learn them and you’ll reap the benefits.