25 Facts About Rhosneigr That You Must Know


Rhosneigr is a small village on Anglesey Island in North Wales. Despite its small size, Rhosneigr has a rich history and culture worth learning about. Here are 25 important facts about this Welsh village.

Rhosneigr is a beautiful village on Anglesey Island in Wales. It has a charming coastline and a rich history. There are sandy beaches perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. The village also has a vibrant community with shops, restaurants, and cafes. Visitors can explore the surrounding natural beauty, including lakes and sand dunes. Rhosneigr is a great place to relax and enjoy the Welsh countryside.

  1. Rhosneigr has a population of approximately 500 people, making it one of the smallest communities on Anglesey.
  2. The village is situated on the north coast of Anglesey and overlooks Lon Gwrrel Straits between Anglesey and Holy Island.
  3. The name Rhosneigr is Welsh and translates to “moorland by the sand”. This refers to the landscape featuring rocky moorland and sandy beaches.
  4. Rhosneigr has been inhabited since Neolithic times over 5,000 years ago, as evidenced by archaeological discoveries in the area.
  5. Rhosneigr was likely an important trading port during the Iron Age and Roman period due to its coastal location. Remnants of ancient settlements have been found.
  6. In the 6th century AD, Saint Peulan founded a church in Rhosneigr, establishing one of the earliest Christian sites on Anglesey.
  7. Medieval records from the 13th century refer to Rhosneigr as a parish within Menai’s historic commote (county subdivision).
  8. The village largely served as a small agricultural and fishing community throughout the Middle Ages and early modern period.
  9. In 1865, a lifeboat station was established in Rhosneigr to aid ships in distress offshore. It operated until 1946, saving over 200 lives.
  10. Agriculture still plays a role locally, with pastures for dairy cattle occupying the inland areas around the village.
  11. Tourism began developing in Rhosneigr in the late 19th century as visitors came to appreciate the natural scenery and beaches.
  12. The landscape features areas of salt marsh, machair grassland, sand dunes, and rocky shoreline that are now protected habitats.
  13. Three Sites of Special Scientific Interest exist near Rhosneigr for their geological formations, rare flora, and fauna.
  14. Surfing and water sports have grown in popularity along Rhosneigr’s coastline in recent decades, boosting tourism.
  15. In 1876, a violent gale caused severe coastal flooding and damage in Rhosneigr, drowning over 40 people sheltering in a farmhouse.
  16. Local poet and playwright R. Williams Parry was born in Rhosneigr in 1884, writing extensively in Welsh about island culture.
  17. The village school Ysgol Rhosneigr, founded in the 1850s, teaches in both Welsh and English to the present day.
  18. Rhosneigr’s 13th-century church building, St Peulan’s, contains historic windows and monuments within its simple architecture.
  19. The parish historically encompassed several outlying farmsteads and fishing hamlets, now considered separate settlements.
  20. Coastal erosion is an ongoing issue, with sand dunes and farmland lost over the years along several points.
  21. Anglesey’s famous Sea Zoo marine exhibition is located just outside Rhosneigr village near Holyhead.
  22. Prehistoric landmarks like Bryn Celli Ddu Passage grave cluster and Din Lligwy Iron Age hillfort are nearby.
  23. The village holds an annual sailing regatta and surfing competition, popular local summer events.
  24. Cefni Estuary and Newborough Warren forest lie a short distance inland, valued for walking and wildlife.
  25. As with all of Anglesey, both Welsh and English are commonly spoken in Rhosneigr in the present day.

In conclusion, despite its small scale, Rhosneigr packs a rich cultural and natural history into its coastal setting on the island of Anglesey. Understanding its past and present provides valuable context for visitors and residents alike. You can visit at the weekend and stay at a beautiful guest house in Rhosneiger

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