SLF24 Reviews: Contemporary Globe Corner Sofa Bed that Can Be Used In Many Ways

Sofa Bed

The Globe Corner couch by SLF24 is a great example of a modern combination of a corner couch and a sofa bed that I don’t recall seeing anywhere else. I just learned about the wide selection of sofas offered online at SLF24, which specializes in Scandinavian, Modern, and Retro couches and chairs. I was amazed by the chic designs, vibrant colours, and affordable prices. I’m a big lover of furniture that serves several purposes and believe it to be a need for contemporary living. Modern homes not only tend to be smaller, but we also put greater expectations on our living areas. We require multi-functionality more than ever because of the rise in home employment, so a piece of furniture that offers additional possibilities may be really helpful. Here is slf24 reviews that will help you to know more about Globe Corner Sofa Bed.

That’s Why I Don’t Like Sofa Beds!

We’ve been looking for a couch bed for a while, but until now, we haven’t found anything that works. We’ve been at vacation spots throughout the years with standard couch beds, and we’ve generally had a bad experience with them. Normally, a metal frame that has a paper-thin mattress on top of unpleasant metal springs slides out from the base of the sofa. Hardly luxury! Even on a weekend trip, I try to have a good night’s sleep even though I am aware that they are only meant to be used seldom. These kinds of mattresses are frequently OK for use by kids, but I just don’t think they’re that comfortable for adults. Therefore, we were certain not to want one of those styles.

The only other option I could think of had a true mattress and appeared more like a bed than a couch, and I didn’t want to compromise on design in our conservatory. If only there existed a plush couch bed that seemed to be a regular sofa and was covered in exquisite velvet… We can all probably agree that the Globe design is appropriate.

Fashion and Content

I really appreciate that SLF24 provides stylish modern sofa beds in addition to their standard couches, making it nearly impossible to tell them differently! I never really anticipated that there would be a way to mix the two, yet that is exactly what you get with the Globe design. It’s rather energizing to observe how uniquely distinct from the usual couch beds at SLF24 are constructed. As a forward-thinking company that values good design, their designs combine the best of both worlds so that neither good looks nor functionality are sacrificed.

For families like ours that require a little additional seating, the Globe’s corner shape works really well when configured in regular couch mode. The design’s L shape may be placed in a corner or utilized more centrally to help split an open plan area in half. This cozy setup works extremely well with a rug and coffee table, giving it the perfect coffee area.

Condo Specifics

I chose a ‘Scandi-Boho’ aesthetic for our conservatory. The Globe Corner Sofa Bed blends well with the decor and colour palette of the space. We decided on the Graphite – Velluto 19 out of the available 11 colours. The velvet fabric on the couch makes it highly tactile. With a few tribal designs on the rug and pillows that offer more texture, the space is calm and neutral with a tribal theme. The wall art is from Desenio, and my pillows are from Habitat, Next, and Lara Nish. Johnstone’s Paint’s Chapel Stone is the colour of the walls. A convenient nightstand is a side table with a lamp on it.

There isn’t a guest bedroom? No issues

We don’t have a spare bedroom, which is something I really wish we did because they are great for using as a guest room, office, or spare bedroom as necessary. However, purchasing a sofa bed allows you to continue hosting overnight visitors. When a family member is ill—perhaps they have a terrible cough and don’t want to bother the rest of the family—having a couch bed is also a benefit. Or, as I recently discovered during the recent heatwave in the UK, sleeping downstairs on a hot night is much cooler than upstairs in a stuffy bedroom!

Let’s also be open and honest about how common snoring is. Everyone does adore their mate, but not as much when they snore. Imagine being able to easily and silently transform the sofa into a spacious, comfy bed for one, in privacy, on a particularly sleep-deprived night.

It is a fantastic benefit for when the kids want sleepovers. For the time being, the coronavirus may have prevented friends from coming over for sleepovers, but hopefully not in the long run. Besides, siblings often enjoy a good sleepover, when they can make a camp or den and raid the refrigerator for late-night goodies. At bedtime, two or even three children could easily fit on a Globe corner sofa bed.

With a sofa bed, it is possible to add a “extra bedroom” without incurring the cost of an addition, loft conversion, or garden construction addition, and it can be put up in barely any time, so it is definitely a possibility to consider. Just be sure to measure your space and account for the couch’s ordinary sitting capacity as well as its size when it is a sofa bed. The Globe Corner Sofa’s measurements are 233 cm wide by 90 cm high by 145 cm deep, and its sleeping area is 197 cm wide by 128 cm deep.

Sleep Mode is now active!

The ‘chaise’ area of a corner couch is fantastic since it allows you to relax fully while drinking coffee or reading a book while resting your legs. However, with the Globe, everyone can get in on the action! Normally, only one person at a time can stretch out on this part.

We don’t just use the bed’s “sleep mode” for sleeping—we adore using it to watch TV while everyone can elevate their legs! One person can change the sofa into a bed because it is so simple to accomplish. The mechanism for unfolding is easy to use and effective. While the seat is fixed, the backrest’s loose cushions can be removed. The front of the sofa, which is elevated on legs and moves forward parallel to the “chaise,” is easily pulled out. The sofa is then folded back and placed flat. As a result, a roomy sleeping space is created, and you lie on the sofa’s real upholstery rather than its springs and mattress, which, in my opinion, results in a better sleep.

Although the firmness of the Globe nook sofa’s seating and sleeping surfaces may not be to everyone’s taste, I find it to be ideal for my lower back, which I find does not like a soft mattress. Since we’ve had the bed, I’ve personally slept on it quite a few times, and I found it to be pleasant (I’ve actually overslept on it!). When I wake up, I have no aches or pains in any particular place. It just requires setting down a sheet, a pillow, and a duvet.

Demonstrates how simple it is to turn the sofa into a bed:

SLF24’s a

All of SLF24’s couches are created by hand in Europe. I was quite pleased with how soon our couch came; deliveries usually take three to four weeks, which is rapid for a made-to-order sofa. The main couch and the chaise piece were delivered in two halves, and we just needed to use the given tools and components to bolt them together. We had good communication with the courier, Panther, and received prior notice of our delivery time.

There are many stylish couches and chairs to pick from, as well as some incredibly in-style colors, whether you want a pink velvet sofa or a deep green, mustard, or midnight blue. There are also light and dark greys; why not order a sample before deciding on a sofa? You can order up to 6 samples to be sent to you. We went with Graphite, a traditional dark grey that is appropriate for us, easy to maintain, and a sensible choice. We recently adopted two kittens, and thus far, everything has gone well with the claw problem and the removal of fluff. SLF24 uses materials that are durable, scratch-resistant, and soft to the touch. Because the Velluto fabric’s pile is so short and lacks a textured finish, they can’t seem to use their claws to pull loops out of it. If only a minor cleaning is needed, I’ve discovered that a moist towel may be used to lightly wipe the surface. On the surface, it appears that this velvet fabric is robust.

The large backrest cushions are filled with soft, flexible silicone fiber, which gives them a particularly squashy, deep, and comfy feel. The design includes chic arms and modern hardwood legs. Another adaptable feature of the couch is the chaise, which can be installed on either the left or right side. If you relocated the sofa to a new room or residence, you could alter the corner configuration as needed.

Check out the other fantastic corner sofa beds on the SL24 website; some even have storage for linens and pillows.