Best Home Look For Housewarming Party


The point of a show home is to show off a new property, so it needs to look as good as it possibly can. No – this doesn’t mean over the top, fancy and quite frankly unobtainable. It does, however, mean that it should be chic, fresh and simple. Obviously, you don’t want to have to buy a load of furniture as it won’t actually be staying on the property so here is how to decorate a show home to make it sell.

Get Some More Furniture

Get Some More Furniture

A fabulous solution when you need some classy yet simplistic furniture is to hire it. Styling a home well is more likely to increase your chance of a sale. The colours should be simple, modern and plain. If you place an overly patterned couch in a modern designed room it will simply crash and if it isn’t to a potential buyer’s taste, you could’ve lost that sale – despite it not being included in the house. A buyer’s first impression and gut feeling are what is most likely to get you the sale. Furniture prevents a house from looking too barren and bare, it allows the potential buyer to visualize how they will utilize the space. It also gives a more realistic view of how many things you can actually fit into one room.

Make it Liveable

Make it Liveable

All that this requires is putting a few jars of pasta or rice on the side along with some cereal boxes in the cupboards or even a bowl of fruit. People want to see themselves living there, they want to see how they can utilise every space – don’t leave it to the imagination, show them what life could be like. It is the extra details that help the property to sell. An empty property can seem cold, dark and uncomfortable a beautifully presented and homely looking house is more likely to result in a sale.

Give it the ‘Wow’ Factor

Give it the 'Wow' Factor

Wall art and luxurious curtains can really help make the sale. Everybody wants to feel grand and everyone wants to live in a beautiful home with a touch of class. Dressing the property up can really transform its look from house to home. The point of a show home is to inject a property with a warm ambience that customers will be looking for in a home, whether it is for a family, a couple or even a bachelor pad.

A show home should emphasise all of the positive aspects of the property. It should show what the home is like to live in by just walking through the doorway, yet it should allow the potential buyer to imagine what type of furniture or décor they want to include there. You need to get the interior design just right so it appeals to a wider market and any less desirable attributes (such as small rooms) should be hidden.


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