Tips For Making Your Summer Events Safer

Summer Events

If you are planning a large event this summer, one of the most important things to do is ensure that you have the correct safety procedures in place. Large summer events like festivals are a lot of fun, but safety always has to be the main consideration, and this is true even if you are just organising a small local event. Here are some of the main things to consider to ensure that you have all the right safety rules in place.

Have an Evacuation Plan in Place

Make sure that you form an evacuation plan and that all of the event staff know about its details. You may need to plan emergency escape routes, decide how you will inform people to evacuate, provide signage to make the route clearer, and work out how you will make it possible for people with disabilities to evacuate safely amongst other things.

Plan Crowd Control

Plan Crowd Control

Crowd control is an important consideration for any event. Make sure you know what your maximum capacity is before you start selling tickets or letting people into your event, otherwise you could face issues with overcrowding, which can be a serious problem.

Make Sure First Aid Personnel Are Present

Make sure that there are people available who know first aid. If you are running a very small event, having trained first aid people on hand with a comprehensive first-aid kit may well be enough. However, for larger events,  you may want to ensure that medical professionals are present so that they can react quickly to any injuries that occur.

Construct Safe WalkwaysConstruct Safe Walkways

Walkways can often become very slippery and muddy if it rains at your summer event due to the amount of foot traffic they receive. Avoid this problem by investing in professional walkways. Walkways can help to reduce falls and injuries, so they are always worth considering.

Liaise with Other Professionals

It is often a good idea to liaise with other professionals such as the police and ambulance service during the planning of your event. They may be able to provide you with advice, and it is simply a good idea to keep everyone in the loop at all times.

Plan for Specific Risks

If you will be holding a bonfire or fireworks, these present their own unique risks. For example, you will need to check the bonfire before lighting it and set up the fireworks correctly so that they do not present a safety risk. If you are holding your event in the middle of summer, you should prepare for the possibility of a very hot day, which could lead to problems such as dehydration and heatstroke. Always plan for the key risks that could become issues during your event so that you know what to do in advance.

Choose Contractors Carefully

If you need to hire contractors for your event, make sure that you choose them carefully. They should all be reliable and have a good safety record, and they should be able to demonstrate their safety record.

Make sure you always plan your events safely, whether you are planning a large commercial event or a small local event. The safety of your visitors is the most important thing that you have to consider, so make it a priority. If you are unsure about any safety concerns, make sure that you get professional advice well in advance. Try to plan for every eventuality, and by doing so you will help to ensure that everyone enjoys a safe and enjoyable day out at your event.