7 Rings A Man Must Try For A Punk Look

Rings A Man Must Try For A Punk Look

What you see in this universe is an outcome of the cause and effect relationship. Having said that, we mean, everything that you see surrounding yourself has a significance. So goes with your body. For instance, you have five fingers on each hand. According to the spiritual leaders, your thumb finger represents the universal self, index finger represents individual self, and middle finger represents intellect while ring finger represents the mind and little finger represents the physical body.

From a user’s perspective, it is the thumb finger that exerts power to hold on while you often use the index finger to show off your might and so on. You will be happy to know that wearing different rings from companies like Rockerring, you can potentially add charm and power to your personality and style. Here is the list of seven most famous and stylish men’s rings that promise to lift one’s look, feel, and style for sure.

Skull ring

Skull ring

A skull is something that is generally dreaded by the masses. Therefore, wearing a skull ring on your index finger can truly add value to your personality and style statement in the eyes of people who know you in person. In other words, a skull ring can create an ambience around you including your family, friends, and colleagues.

Tiger head ring

We all know a tiger is a ferocious animal. Therefore, when you wear a tiger head ring on your middle finger, you essentially display your character in the eyes of people who come in touch with you on business trips and others. It also keeps you on your feet to scale new heights.

Viking ring

viking Heart ring

Vikings are known for their bravery. In other words, Viking rings keep you charged up to attempt things that you would generally let go. Therefore, wearing a Viking ring on your little finger, you add wings to your personality.

Heart ring

Heart is the sign of love and purity. Therefore, wearing a heart ring on your ring finger, you display the softer sides of your personality to those who care for you.

Cross and skull ring

Cross and skull ring

A cross and skulls in its four blocks are symbolical to religiousness as well as bravery. Therefore, such a ring is ideal for your index finger.

Soaring eagle ring

Eagles fly high in the sky. Wearing a soaring eagle ring on your middle finger, you express your ingenuity to outperform.

Thumb ring

ringThumb finger is the source of power. A thumb ring is usually a bit heavy compared to other rings that represent the power of unity as it is found in nature. In other words, a thumb ring essentially is a replica of power to you.

Likewise, you will find many other types of rings such as Gold, titanium, platinum, diamond or silver rings from companies like Rockerring to your advantage befitting an occasion or two. Use the power of your ingenuity with a view to creating a real difference with these rings befitting your look, feel, and overall personality statement. After all, life comes with an expiry date. Live life’s full circle taking those wonderful rings on your side.


  1. Rings are liked by all. They are not only beautifying a woman’s hand but also add grace of man’s hand in an extremely subtle way. Thanks Eric for sharing these amazing and interesting rings collection ideas with all of us.