6 reasons why you might be having breakouts


When it comes to maintaining your physical appearance, one of the worst things that can happen is that your skin becomes an irritated red mass of spots, sores and blotched patches.

Everyone wants to look their best when they leave their home, so it may be time to give your skin a little more loving to ensure that it can fully shine. Here are some reasons why your skin may be experiencing breakouts.

Lack of moisture

Generally, the main reason behind breakouts is due to oily skin, but it can also be due to dehydration and a general dryness to the skin’s natural elasticity.

Your skin has billions of pores that require hydration and constant care, both internally and externally, which is why you need to make sure that you are drinking enough water and using soft moisturising products. If you forget to hydrate your skin, you could soon face a spot epidemic.

Lingering makeup

If you want to keep your skin shining, never forget to take off your makeup before you go to bed. While you can wear as much makeup as you want during the day, leaving it on for long periods during the night can lead to blocked pores, especially if you leave on products like foundation and blush. Use non-scented makeup wipes to ensure that your face is fully clean before you settle into bed.

Scented skin products

While scented skin products can smell attractive, they may wreak havoc with your skin’s natural colouration and texture. If you have sensitive skin, then this may cause your face to react through red blotches and rosacea, meaning that the texture of your skin is no longer smooth and is instead covered in bumps, sores and spots.

In order to avoid this, always purchase natural products, such as vegan skincare, so that you can be assured that there are no artificial chemicals or scents capable of irritating your skin.

Diet and lifestyle

Though a packet of chips or a chocolate bar may be able to emotionally fulfil you, these sorts of high-fat and sugary foods may cause major problems for your skin.

When your body deals with more sugar and fat entering your system, it tends to translate this (hormonally) into producing more oil and grease on the skin. This can lead to breakouts on the skin. If you want to avoid this, try considering fish dishes, fruit and vegetables, nuts and yoghurts.


Of course, when we think about breakouts, one of the major reasons behind them is due to a stressful lifestyle. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed about work, are struggling with personal relationships or just have a hectic schedule, this sort of stress can cause a hormonal imbalance.

What we feel on the inside can quickly become apparent on the outside through breakouts. Therefore, you need to take a breath and relax!

Hormones and natural causes

Sometimes, outbreaks happen just because that is your body’s natural skin type. Everyone has a different sort of skin, each with its own flaws and hormonal patterns, but that does not mean that it is ugly. Take some time to truly appreciate your face, even if it does suffer from breakouts. Your beauty is truly unique and cannot be replaced


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