What Tools Do You Need For Your Home Renovation Project?

Home Renovation

Are you working on a home renovation? If you’re going it alone on a remodelling or home extension project, you’ll need some key tools to get started on the job in hand. It might be time to check your toolbox to see if you have the following essentials.

A Measuring Tape

It might sound very basic, but in fact, a measuring tape is an absolute essential when working on a home renovation project. You’ll need to choose one which is durable and built to last. You’ll also need to choose one which features a switch to prevent the tape retracting during use. You’ll be amazed by how often you’ll end up using this vital addition to your tool kit.

A Cordless Drill

Cordless Drill

Drilling is an absolutely vital part of any home renovation project and there’s no better way to tackle it than by using a cordless drill. Sure, you could get a regular plug in the model, but it’s so much more convenient to have a cordless one. For a start, you’ll be able to work outdoors or in spaces without power outlets, and you’ll also have more freedom to get into tight or narrow spaces with your cordless model. Cordless drills are also lightweight and easier to control. Make sure to look out for a model which has good trigger control allowing you to change easily from fast to slow during drilling.

A Quick Square

Sometimes called a speed square, this tool may appear to be confusing but actually, it’s really useful in your renovation project. You can use it as a bevel, saw guide, to guide your power saw or even as a protractor.


There are lots of different types of pliers and you could benefit from having all of them in your toolbox. However, if you have to choose just a single type, go for the needle nose pliers. These are perfect for holding items still such as wires in tight spaces.



If you’re working on a home renovation yourself, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to do some demolishing. A sledgehammer is a perfect tool for that job. Make sure you choose one you can easily lift though – they can be extremely heavy!

An Oscillating Tool

Although you might not have heard of the oscillating tool, you’ll be amazed by what it can do. It’ll allow you to get into even the most difficult to reach spaces when you’re sanding or allow you to cut through wood or piping thanks to the many attachments which are supplied with it. If you’re comfortable with your DIY limitations, this is the tool for you.

A Ladder

You might not think of a ladder as a DIY tool, but in fact, it’s absolutely vital to get all the jobs that you have in mind done. There are lots of ladder types on the market today, but if you choose one which can be moved into lots of different positions and which has attachments to hang your tools within easy reach, you’ll be onto a winner. You should also make sure that the rungs will allow you to stay comfortable while you’re using the ladder. After all, you could be standing on it for a long time if you’re working at height or painting a ceiling!

A Saw


When you’re working on any kind of DIY project, you’re going to need a saw. Preferably two saws – a table saw and a circular saw. Both of these are powerful and ideal for getting wood cut quickly and to an accurate size with minimal effort. You’ll also need a manual handsaw too as this is perfect for smaller scale jobs.

Duct Tape

You might not think of duct tape as being an essential DIY item but it’s definitely not an item to overlook. You’ll find it absolutely essential for holding items together and for making last-minute repairs.

A Nailer

You’ll definitely need a nailer, especially if you’re working on a roofing project or any kind of finishing. There are more details found here about how to choose the right type of nailer for your DIY project.

These are some of the most basic tools you’ll need to get started on your renovation. With the right equipment to hand, your project is sure to go smoothly!