Movavi Video Converter Makes Converting MOD To Mp4 Really Fast And Simple

Video Converter

MOD is a special video file format that is used by different digital camcorders manufactured by Canon, JVC and Panasonic. This is why it is not well-known and most people do not really know how to play back MOD files. What should be known is that this standalone file format is quite similar to the really common MPEG-2 extension. You can play such files on MAC and PC but when your wish is to play back a MOD file on mobile gadgets, you have to convert MOD to MP4 since most mobile device players do not support the format. The good news is that Movavi Video Converter makes this conversion incredibly fast and simple.

How to convert files from MOD to MP4

Movavi Video Converter makes the conversion really simple because of the few options that you have to think about. This is software that will allow you to change MOD to MP4 by just doing something that is straightforward:

  • Launch Movavi Video Converter
  • From the import screen, browse for the MOD files you want to convert
  • Then, choose the MP4 format from the available options
  • Convert the files

No matter how large the MOD file is, the conversion will happen a lot faster than what you anticipate. However, the use of the program does not stop here. Movavi Video Converter can modify the file format of almost any audio or video file to anything you want. The number of available presets is currently among the largest on the market in a program that is so cheap.

Because of how simple it is to use Movavi Video Converter to convert video and audio files to desired formats, even professionals started using the software. Even better news comes from the fact that you can try the software before you commit to the purchase. As opposed to other programs, all you have to do first is to download and use the free trial version. This allows you to see absolutely all the features, including the possibility to join files and directly upload to YouTube. Make your decision after using the Free Trial of Movavi Video Converter.