Our Top Picks To Make The Most Out Of Your UK Visit

UK Visit

United Kingdom can easily be labelled as a place that oozes class, eccentricity, and certain vibes that can leave anyone fascinated. The country is also known for its beautiful scenic beauty, food, drinks, love for art and literature. Heck! It is the place of Shakespeare for crying out loud!

Below, we have listed a few things that you should definitely do when you visit the nation. Be sure to read through the sections that follow diligently.

Surround yourself with mysticism at Stonehenge


When one is feeling a bit lost or simply wants to feel a bit of holiness in their soul, the best place to do just that is Stonehenge.

It can be described as a stone circle that is located in the countryside of Wiltshire and sits on the Salisbury Plain. It has been standing tall for more than five thousand years! Now that is impressive.

Questions often arise about the point of it all. Was the structure a giant solar calendar back in the day or simply a place that witnessed a lot of human sacrifices!? No one knows. Think you can crack it!? Then don’t forget to visit it.

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You can always watch Shakespeare’s play by visiting his hometown

Shakespeare play

If you have a knack for literature or simply, you want to pay respect to the great Shakespeare, don’t forget to visit Shakespeare’s Globe located in London’s South Bank. The place is perfect if you want to watch one of your favourite Shakespearean plays.

On the flip side, if you want to have a taste of what it really felt back when Shakespeare was still working on his masterpieces, be sure to visit the hometown of this great mind which is Warwickshire.

Visit Whitstable if you are craving seafood

Whitstable if you are craving seafood

Don’t forget to visit the small but beautiful town of Whitstable in Kent during your time here in the UK. It is the perfect example of a seaside community that consists of beautifully painted houses, a wide beach, galleries dedicated to coastal art and cool souvenir shops!

Apart from this, the primary reason to visit the town is for its food. Man! You definitely wouldn’t want to miss that! Be it the staple fish ’n’ chips or the plethora of seafood dishes that the local eateries serve here, no matter what is your favourite seafood, you’d find one for yourself right here. Oh! By the way, don’t forget to try the Whitstable oysters.

UK is known for its impeccable cuisine, modern art, nightlife, and obviously its wide range of beverages. It is one of the many reasons why the country often finds itself in the travel bucket list of frequent backpackers. Be sure to discover the things that we have mentioned in the above sections the moment you enter UK. Don’t forget to leave your experiences in the comments section below!