Babbitt Alloy – Advantages & Applications

Babbitt Alloy

Babbitt alloy is the creation of Isaac Babbitt. It was invented by this great man all the way back in the year 1839.

Babbitt alloy, otherwise known is the bearing metal has a composition that consists of the following:

  • 89.3 percent of tin
  • Around 7.1 per cent antimony
  • 3.6 percent of copper

This was the formula that was used by Isaac Babbitt during the discovery of this alloy and is still in use today. Babbitt is a non-ferrous alloy that is known for its high malleability factor.

Advantages of using Babbitt Alloy

Babbitt alloy, unlike pure tin ingot, is composed of several metals such as:

  • Tin
  • Copper
  • Antimony
  • Lead

The composition can vary based on the properties asked and the intended application for the alloy.

That stated, here is a list of advantages of using Babbitt Alloy

  • Babbitt Alloy is known for its consistent metallurgical composition
  • Unlike other alloys, it has a high deposition rate when used in the flame spraying process
  • It is a cost-efficient choice
  • A business can benefit from using this alloy since it generates minimal waste
  • This is one of the very few alloys that not only meets but also exceeds engineering standards in more than one cases
  • It is known for its strong metallic sheen
  • Products manufactured using babbitt alloy needs minimal maintenance
  • Babbitt alloy contains minimal levels of oxides

Applications of Babbitt Alloy

  • Babbitt alloy is mostly used to manufacture bearings. Bearings find extensive application in the automotive industry. It is present inside engines as well as places where mechanical moving parts need support to operate smoothly. Bearings made using this alloy helps electro-mechanical/mechanical equipment to sustain less frictional damage.
  • Babbitts with an excess of tin present in its composition are known for its capability to withstand impact. This is why it is often used as the bearing connected to connecting rods and drive shafts.
  • Babbitt is also used to manufacture bearings used in low-cost electric motors that are used in the distribution of power from a centralized engine.
  • Babbitt alloy in its wire form is also used in a coating process prominent in the industrial sector known as flame spraying. The purpose of this process is to use Babbitt and coat other objects with a thin layer of the former. It is an affordable and efficient process.

It is evident by now that Babbitt alloy has hard-to-ignore benefits and a wide range of applications. So, if you are looking for quality-assured Babbitt alloy ingots then get in touch with a company that offers such products that are manufactured by following strict metallurgical protocols. If you fail to do so, you might get products with substandard quality. So choose wisely!