Social Media Marketing Tactics To Get Better Online Reviews


Social media is used by many businesses for many reasons. It has proven itself to be an excellent way to engage with customers, boost publicity, share information and show the human face of your company. One way that you can utilise social media is to improve your online reviews left on other third-party websites on the internet, and here are some ways to do this.

Reach Out to Them

Start to communicate with the people you have identified as your brand ambassadors. You may be able to do this via the social media platform you found their comments on. For example, if they have left a really positive post about one of your products on Facebook, thank them for it by commenting on their wall. This will show them that you are listening and they will then know that they are on your radar.

Seek Out Your Most Enthusiastic Customers

The first thing to do is listen to what people are saying across your social media accounts. The best way to do this is to invest in a tool that will allow you to quickly find any comments that mention your brand, and then read the comments to find the ones that are positive. Doing so will enable you to find the people who are most enthusiastic about your brand, and these can become your brand ambassadors. Especially look for influencers, the people with a large number of followers who have a more influential voice, as they can help to spread positive news about your business even further.

Make It Easy for Them to Review You

Your brand ambassadors may be saying positive things about you on social media, but are they actually leaving reviews? They would probably be happy to if you let them know that you would appreciate it, so make it easy for them to do so. You may want to wait until they leave a positive comment, and then when you thank them for it you could mention that you also really appreciate reviews and send them a link to a website. Don’t ask them directly to say something positive, just let them know that reviews help you to know where you can improve and where you are going right, and this should be enough. You can engage the influencer blogger to review about your brand, product and services.

Follow Key Etiquette Rules

The above process can be a great way to get more positive reviews over time by making use of your brand ambassadors. However, you can also help yourself to get better reviews by simply following the basic etiquette rules on social media to leave a more positive impression on potential customers so that they may then be more likely to leave better reviews elsewhere. These include replying quickly to posts, making an effort to engage with your audience, providing customer service via your social networking platforms, answering questions and generally being helpful. This may help them to think twice before leaving a negative review.

Make Better Use of Social Media

Online reviews are an excellent way for you to get free publicity, but only if they are good. Everyone gets negative reviews, so make sure you get a majority of positive reviews by using social media to connect with your best brand ambassadors and making a positive impression on your customers.

Author : Megri Outreach


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