John Lee Bottom Life Story, Age, Wife, Kids, Wealth, Death, and The Father Who Caused The Phoenix Family’s Terrible Journey


John Phoenix was born john lee bottom. He is best known as the father of Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix and the late actor and singer River Phoenix. Lee Bottom started a business that does gardening. He was a Catholic. The Christian humanitarian movement “The Children of God” was important to him and his wife for most of their marriage.

john lee bottom was from a small place, but his kids worked hard and became famous. He now knows their names. The spiritual group they were a part of encouraged doing bad things, and their child was a victim. As a sign of their new start, the family changed their last name to “Phoenix” after the mythical bird that rises from the ashes.

A Quick Look at john lee bottom

  • Name in full: john lee bottom
  • Well-known name John Phoenix
  • Date of birth: April 5, 1947
  • Place of birth: Stanislaus County, California, USA
  • Nationality: United States
  • 68 years old
  • Died 2015
  • Person Male
  • Faith Christianity
  • This is Father Robert Merrill Bottom
  • Dear Mother Beulah Ingram
  • Status of marriage: divorced
  • Arlyn Phoenix, his ex-wife
  • River, Jodean, Liberty, Joaquin, Rain, and Summer are six children.
  • Known for being the father of Joaquin Phoenix
  • Hazel eyes
  • Brown hair
  • 5 feet 6 inches tall
  • 50Kg in weight
  • Sizes of the body36, 28, and 34 inches
  • Job Title: Celebrity Dad
  • $50 million in net worth
  • Source of Wealth: Children’s Money

Google has a lot of options. John Lee Down

Robert Lee Bottom (1917–1993) and Beulah Ernestine Ingram (1918–1980) had a son named john lee bottom in Stanislaus County, California, in 1947.

john lee bottom lived an interesting life. He was married, had a child, and belonged to a cult. The two got married on September 13, 1969, in California, where they met. They later became missionaries and spread their word all over the world. But in the end, they found out that their group allowed both adult-minor sex and group sex. As a kid, someone raped their son River. They moved to Winter Park, Florida, with their kids after leaving the group and changed their last name to Phoenix.

The family of john lee bottom

The Phoenix family is well-known in show business. Kids named Rain, Joaquin, Liberty, Summer, and River Phoenix live with it. Children of God family who travels the world. When john lee bottom was three years old, his parents quit the group and changed their name to Phoenix.

john lee bottom school

john lee bottomquit school to work because his life was too stressed. John knew how to use his hands well. So he learned how to garden.

He couldn’t stay in that area for long because he felt unsafe there. He went on a trip instead of staying. He went to almost every place he could find at random. Besides that, everything in his life was a blessing.

Early Years of john lee bottom Career

john lee bottom, Joaquin Phoenix’s dad, started acting when he was eight years old. He didn’t become a performer and had a quiet life. John has kept his job a secret. Some records, though, say he was a builder. No one else knew about his work background.

But Joaquin and River began making commercials. Their first show was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in 1982. They were in the 1984 ABC Afterschool Special about dyslexia. They became famous because of how good they were.

Leaf also had small roles on Hill Street Blues, Murder, She Wrote, and Morningstar/Eveningstar. John never had a Wikipedia page, but you can still find his Wiki elsewhere.

Arlyn Phoenix is married to john lee bottom.

john lee bottom is not only famous for his kids. Alyn Phoenix, the woman he loved, was his wife for many years. She was born on December 31, 1944, in New York. They started jingling like California stars when they started dating. Before he had kids, John wasn’t well-known. They got married on September 13, 1969. The wedding took place in a small, private church.

As soon as they got married, they became Christian preachers. To find more people to join, they went to Mexico, South America, and other places. They were a Christian couple. Arlyn and John were used for a short time as Jochebeb and Amram. They found that the groups agreed with sex between adults and between groups of adults.

The group sexually abused their son River when he was a child. At that time, four babies were being planned. They left the religious group and brought their children to live in the United States. They moved to Winter Park, Florida. After that, Phoenix became their real name. He dated someone else before Arlyn. The name of his lover is still a mystery.

john lee bottom kids

john lee bottom has six kids. Her name is Rain Phoenix, and she acts and sings. She was born in Texas on November 21, 1972. Some of the films she’s been in are “Violet,” “Low Down,” “Amazing Stories,” and “Forever.”

Phoenix is a well-known actor and director. He was in “Joker” and “Gladiator.” He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on October 28, 1974. When he was 3, his parents left that faith group. He began playing when he was eight years old. The actor Rooney Mara has been her partner for a long time.

Liberty Phoenix did something before. On July 5, 1976, she was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She was in many films, including “Kate’s Secret” and “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” She stopped acting to work on other things.

His younger daughter, Summer Phoenix, acts, models, and designs. After running away from that religious group, she was born on December 10, 1978, in Winter Park, Florida. As early as age two, she started playing. She has been in a lot of films, like Dinner Rush, The Believer, Suzie Gold, and more.

Their son passed away.

Her name is Rain Phoenix, and she acts and sings. She was born in Texas on November 21, 1972. Some of the films she’s been in are “Violet,” “Low Down,” “Amazing Stories,” and “Forever.” Phoenix can act well and make good music. Glory and Joker are the films that made him famous. He was born on October 28, 1974, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

He was three years old when his parents left the church. He began performing when he was eight years old. She has been dating Rooney Mara for a long time. Liberty Phoenix used to be a singer. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on July 5, 1976. She was in many films, including “Kate’s Secret” and “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” She stopped acting to work on other things. His younger daughter, Summer Phoenix, acts, models, and designs. Rooney was born in Winter Park, Florida, on December 10, 1978, after leaving the religious group. She began performing when she was two years old. Some of the shows she was in were Dinner Rush, The Believer, Suzie Gold, and more.

The terrible death of his oldest son River

His oldest son became addicted to drugs and killed himself after being nominated for an Academy Award in 1989. River took too many drugs outside of The Viper Room in L.A. on Halloween night, 1993. Aged 23. Along with other drugs, large amounts of morphine and cocaine were found in the blood.

An insider talk with a close family member of River and Phoenix said that River had a good public image as a vegetarian and quiet person, but her health was anything but that. His behaviour was also changed by his drug use.

In an open letter to the Los Angeles Times, River’s ex-wife Arlyn (Heart Phoenix) said he never did drugs or went to clubs. She said that her son River was upset that no one was listening, even though he had everyone to listen to him. River’s ashes were spread out on the Micanopy, Florida family land.

john lee bottom with his kids and grandkids.

Lee Bottom didn’t want River to be on “A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon” because he thought that being in show business would hurt his kids. River said in an interview that his dad didn’t want them to lose their faith and become worldly.

Lee Bottom said he told River he didn’t want him to work in films because he had seen too many bright kids fail and knew his son couldn’t fight the system. He tried to persuade him and his kids to help him run his vegan restaurant so they could cook, play music, and pick food again. Lee Bottom thought River told him before he left that he would see him after the show. Every day, he thought about River’s death and asked himself why.

A Divorce Story After Almost 30 Years of Marriage

Although Lee Bottom and Arlyn were happily married for almost 30 years, they had to make the sad choice to split up. In 1997, they finally got a divorce. After his divorce, Lee decided to stay out of the public eye and became a hardworking carpenter, a job he held for many years.

But Arlyn, who used to be married to him, moved on and found love again. Jeff Weisberg, her third husband, whom she married in 2001, makes her very happy. But Lee had to deal with problems in his life. His fight against cancer was long and brave, and he showed a lot of strength throughout it.

How and Why john lee bottom Died

john lee bottom bravely fought cancer for years before he died in 2015. His death was very sad for his family. After John’s death, his children and other loved ones told sad stories and remembered the adored father of five. In his obituary, John’s amazing parenting and unwavering love for his children were remembered in moving ways.

These stories do a great job of capturing the spirit of john lee bottom, a loving father whose memories and love will live on through his children.

Joaquin’s dad and brother helped him play.

Lee Bottom and his brother helped Joaquin do well as an actor. In a moving tribute, he talks about how his bigger brother River would make him watch “Raging Bull” on VHS when he got home from work.

He made him watch again the next morning and promised to act again. He told him he would, but he never asked. Because of his big brother, he said. He told his dad he was the best mother*cker he had ever met and said his dad taught him the best work ethic.

Joaquin Phoenix on Playing the Joker and a Rare Outtake

Phoenix lost 52 kg for his part as the Joker, which won him an Oscar. He lost 52 pounds with the help of a doctor, he told Access Hollywood. He did it before he worked with a safe, responsible doctor. He had mixed feelings about the character because of the writing, and he began to parent for it, which he said was hard for him. He said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that losing weight was hard but gave him the power to be in charge.

To begin, it was very tiring. He looked at the steps and told himself, “I can do this,” after thinking about it for 30 seconds. I can do it. When he reached his goal, he would feel energised but not sure how to use it. Known to be outstanding.

The ex-wife of Joaquin Phoenix and john lee bottom

Because he needed to eat and drink and couldn’t watch TV because of the food ads, he didn’t go out with other people. He also talked about the effects of losing a lot of weight. He said in an interview that controlled weight loss affects a person’s mental health. He said that someone went crazy.

It became too hard for him to go to social events because he was too tired to climb stairs after losing a lot of weight. Phoenix got best actor for his role as The Joker at the 92nd Oscars in 2020. He got four nods and won his first Oscar. In his victory speech, he talked about his late brother River. If you run to help with love, peace will come after, he wrote when his brother was 17. Phoenix was almost in tears when she heard about River.

Because he worked hard and wasn’t afraid to fail, he won the Oscar for Best Actor in 2020 for his part in “Joker.” This was important because he had been named twice before but hadn’t won until that point.

Hits at the Box Office:

Look at how much his most popular films cost to make and how much they made at the box office:

This is “The Master”

He was Freddie Quell in “The Master.” The movie made $28.3 million, but it cost $32 million to make.

Not “Joker”

In the movie “Joker,” he played the well-known Arthur Fleck. The movie made 1.073 billion dollars at the box office, even though it cost between 55 and 70 million dollars to make.

Enjoy “Gladiator”

The role of Commodus in the Oscar-nominated historical thriller “Gladiator” got him a lot of praise from fans. Even though it cost 103 million dollars to make, the movie made 460.5 million dollars at the box office.

These accomplishments show how smart and determined he is, solidifying his standing as a well-known actor.

There are scandals, rumours, and disputes.

Arlyn Bottom was married to John Bottom and they were both part of “The Children of God,” a controversial religious group. In 1973, this group had the couple in it. A lot of people talked about the cult’s “Flirty Fishing” rules.

They stopped being Children of God in 1977. People stopped believing in the group when they didn’t like its strange practices, like “flirty fishing.”

Arlyn said that she and her husband didn’t agree with the cult’s ways, especially the way they used flirting to get people to join or change their minds. When they stopped following the controversial beliefs and practices of the Children of God, it changed their lives.

How john lee bottom is on Instagram and other social networks

john lee bottom, Joaquin’s dad, died in 2015. His job as a gardener and carpenter kept him pretty quiet. He didn’t spend much time on the flashy worlds of showbiz and social media.

John chose to keep his personal life out of the public eye after he and his wife Arylene got divorced. Because of this, not much is known about his social media presence because he wasn’t very involved in the digital world.

In general, john lee bottom didn’t do much on social media, which showed that he liked living a more private and quiet life.

Important facts about john lee bottom

  • Unfortunately, john lee bottom came from a poor family, and there wasn’t much reliable information available about his family and early life.
  • As his oldest son’s work took off in the 1980s, John found himself farther away from his family’s activities.
  • His main goal was to protect the future of his family, but it seemed like his worries and ideas were often ignored.
  • When his son River got a part in the movie “A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon,” it was a clear sign of this split.
  • John greatly disagreed with this choice, but his wife won in the end. This shows how complicated and different family relationships were at that time.

How much money john lee bottom has in 2023

john lee bottom was a builder for a long time, but no one knew how much he made or how much money he had. All of his children did very well in what they did. His son, Joaquin Phoenix, has a lot of money.

The son of john lee bottom, Joaquin Phoenix, has a huge net worth of $50 million as of 2023. He mostly got this much money from his successful acting job. His unwavering commitment and hard work are clearly paying off as Joaquin’s wealth continues to grow.

Joaquin got the Oscar for Best Actor in 2020 for his role in “Joker.” Before this win, he had been mentioned twice in the same category, which shows how good he is.

Questions People Ask (FAQs) About john lee bottom

1. What is john lee bottom?

john lee bottom, who was also known as John Phoenix, was the dad of famous stars Joaquin and River Phoenix. He was very important in their lives and jobs.

2. john lee bottomwas born when and where?

The United States’ john lee bottom was born on April 5, 1947, in Stanislaus County.

3. What did john lee bottom do for a living?

john lee bottom mostly worked as a gardener and a builder. He lived a pretty quiet life away from the fame and glamour of show business.

4. What does john lee bottom have to do with the group called “Children of God”?

They were “Children of God” Christians who worked to help others for most of their marriage. They’re dumb

5. Why did Arlyn and john lee bottomleave “Children of God”?

The couple ran away when they learned that the “Children of God” let adults date minors and encouraged closeness between members of the same community. These actions had an effect on their son River.

6. Why did john lee bottom family pick “Phoenix”?

After moving to Winter Park, Florida, John and Arlyn changed their last name to “Phoenix.” After a rough past, they started over and moved on.

7. What made john lee bottom worry that his kids might go into show business?

John was afraid that working in show business would be bad for his kids, especially River. In some movie projects, he openly worked against River.

8. What did john lee bottom do for a living after he and Arlyn split up?

After he and Arlyn split up, John worked hard as a carpenter to support his family.

9. What year did john lee bottom pass away?

In 2015, john lee bottom died of cancer.

10. What did john lee bottomleave behind?

john lee bottom heritage lives on through his love, memories, and children’s success. His life shows how love, strength, and getting through hard times can make things better for a family.

In conclusion,

john lee bottom life was full of both good times and hard times. He came from a poor family and found himself on a road that was tied to faith, family, and strength. When he married Arlyn Phoenix, they went on a spiritual trip that turned bad. This caused them to leave a controversial cult and start over as the Phoenix family.

As a dad, John was worried about the bad things that could happen when his bright kids became famous. This was especially true for his son River, whose early success in the entertainment business made people question the industry’s power. John didn’t want to, but his backing and influence helped shape the careers of Joaquin and River Phoenix, who went on to have great success.

John and Arlyn got a divorce after being married for a long time and liking each other. To support his family, John became a carpenter. He died in 2015 after a long battle with cancer. john lee bottom  wonderful children carry on his legacy with their love, memory, and success. His life shows how love, strength, and getting through hard times can make things better for a family.