How Good Is CBD Oil For Pets?


You can see how good a niche will be by its entrance. When Pokémon Go was released, the world got hooked on it. Everyone was outside, walking, and playing one single game. The same thing happened when marijuana got legalized. It was a moment many people were looking forward to.  

At the same time, many different businesses and entrepreneurs started rubbing their heads while thinking about how to create something that will help others. For a long period of time, we knew that marijuana was a medicine, and decades of research showed that epileptic attacks got significantly reduced when people smoked it. Click here to read more. 

The hard thing was to convince the states to legalize it. Most of the people who were in charge were old, and they had a hard time voting in favor of something they thought was inherently bad. But those days are now over, and now everything is going as it should be. Many different products are flooding the markets, and the question that remains is this. How good are all those CBD products, and is there something special in oils? 

What are the pros and cons?

Many records show that humans have been interacting with the hemp plant for more than four thousand years. The thing we don’t know is whether animals have been doing it too. The marijuana plant has two main components, and those are CBD and THC.  

The first one is also called cannabidiol, and it’s the substance that makes all your problems go away. It relaxes the nervous system, and it does that through our endocannabinoid system. On the other hand, tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for tripping and feeling high. For humans, we know that it’s best for both of these substances to go hand in hand.  

But, if you give your dog or cat marijuana leaves to chew on, you’re going to have to take them to the vet. They don’t know how to react when they get too much THC in their organism, and it might make them paranoid. In that state, they could do something unpredictable or harm you if they can’t understand the situation. Follow this link for more info

That’s why CBD oils are a much better alternative. They contain extracts of cannabidiol, and they contain only a trace of THC. Most often, that’s less than half a percent. Scientists did some research, and they found out that it worked. They still don’t understand how it worked. The biggest question related to reducing pain is whether it makes the dogs not care at all, or does it numb the receptors.  

They react less to low-level pain stimuli, and they are less reactive to specific activities that are known to cause anxiety in them, such as fireworks, vacuuming, and other loud noises. Many pet owners are worried about side effects. At the present moment, the FDA still hasn’t approved any hemp products for pets.  

That means that there aren’t any correct dosing charts that can be used. The best thing you can do is to start with a relatively low dosage and see how the animal reacts. Usually, there are symptoms of anxiety and pain, and if you see the symptoms disappear, that means the dosage is enough. These pethempcompany deals have resolved the dosage problem. Some pet owners want to give their pets treats, and that’s an excellent alternative to oils.  

However, keep in mind that the industry still isn’t regulated as it should be. If you’re buying treats that come in gummy form, they might have added flavors such as Xylitol. That’s an artificial sweetener that’s not harmful to humans, but it’s extremely dangerous and potentially lethal for pets. 

It would be best if you talked with your veterinarian before making a choice. They know best, and since many pet owners are asking the same questions, they certainly know some reputable manufacturers that do everything properly.  

A few final words

The bottom line is that CBD oils and treats actually work. No one knows how, but problems such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, and appetite can be resolved by giving your pet a few drops, or a few treats. It’s a cost-effective and natural solution that many veterinarians and pet owners approve.