Utilising Visuals On Social Media: A Guide

Social Media

Images and video are a huge part of social media marketing campaigns and contribute to some of the most liked and shared content on the web. They are essential to any campaign, therefore, getting it right can assist in boosting your presence a range of platforms. With the influence they have on social media, it is now not enough to just pop any image up without giving it some extensive thought and implementing a strategy behind it. Good quality visuals are also paramount to a successful campaign, so ensuring you have fantastic imagery and spectacular video will help your business get noticed above the competitors.

If you’re looking to add more value to your marketing campaigns with compelling visuals, take a look at some of the things to consider when creating images and video for social media.

Set goals and consider its impact

Much like other marketing campaigns, deciding what your goals are for each visual is important. You might want to drive traffic to your website, get people engaging on your platform or increase the number of followers on your pages so creating visuals that align with this is key to getting the desired outcome. Websites such as working-beautifully.co.uk show just how effective visuals, especially in video, can be in marketing; their expertise can also point you in the right direction when planning future campaigns.

Create different visuals for different platforms

The way people interact with images is different on each social media platform, so creating visuals to suit each will engage better with specific audiences. Researching how to utilise each platform is key to driving better engagement with your audience. Simple things such as images with a blue tone do well on Instagram, whereas, on Pinterest orangey tones perform better. By using this information you can curate specific media for each site. Furthermore, monitoring data and adapting future campaigns can help you create even better visuals for the future.

Focus on your audience

You may think your visuals are top quality, but if they don’t relate to your audience they won’t gain much traction on your social media platforms. Keeping your target audience in mind is key to creating media for your pages. If you’re stuck for content ideas, utilise poll functions on your platforms to drum up some inspiration from the people that follow you and make them feel like they are part of the process. You can also use search functions such as researching hashtags or competitor’s sites to see how well their visuals are performing and what you could do better.

Add text or graphics to images

If you’re looking to convey a specific message to your audience, creating imagery with standout fonts and graphics can create a big impact. Ensuring the fonts and style are in keeping with your brand message also helps to ensure everything consistent across all platforms. Consistency is key when it comes to creating a brand, and so you want people to think about your company when they see a specific visual. For instance, if you use cursive writing, make sure you use this across the board.