Why Choose A Holiday Cottage In Scotland


Scotland is a place of immense natural beauty so what better way to enjoy that than by staying in a holiday cottage. These cottages may be deep in the countryside or 20 miles or so outside of major cities. Those which are set deep in the country may well be drover’s cottages, whilst those closer to the city maybe an old cottage which was somebody’s home. So why stay in a cottage and not in a hotel?

Hotels, however small they maybe, are not only more costly than renting a cottage, but lack the freedom, intimacy and privacy offered by a cottage. There is a degree of convenience in a hotel but the ability to get up when you wish, as opposed to your time of rising being determined by breakfast, is something to be appreciated. You can park your car outside the front door, take off for the day, eat in your way home, and then just loll about on the sofa or in the armchair and not be worried about any formalities. If you wish to take the dog(s) with you most cottages will accommodate this so that you can then wonder off into the glens and enjoy the countryside.

You may wish to have a cottage on one of the islands on say Skye, the Hebrides or The Shetlands. These islands specialize in the letting of cottages and the local area is set up to cater for people who stay in these places. The local shop will provide you with the products you need for your stay, whilst the local hostelry will welcome you with open arms and feed and water you in a way which city life cannot offer.

The cottages offered are normally those that are steeped in Scottish tradition and it is a pleasure to enjoy the feel that you are not living in the modern world. If it is winter you can light up a coal fire and relax with a whisky from the distillery you may have visited earlier that day.