6 Reasons to Use Carpeting in Your Home


People are sometimes split on whether they should have new carpeting installed with a carpet runner for the stairs, or to switch to hardwood flooring instead. While some new builds have opted for wooden floors, that’s not the final answer on flooring. There are some valid reasons to pick carpeting. Here are six reasons to use carpeting in your home. 

  • Warmer

Carpeting has the feeling of being warmer underfoot. That’s regardless of whether there is expensive underfloor heating installed, which few homes possess due to the cost and inconvenience of it. Even on cold mornings, walking around barefoot on Balham carpets just feels good. It doesn’t have the same sensation when putting your feet on cold hardwood flooring as you’re heading to the kitchen to brew your first cuppa. Furthermore, if the heating isn’t turned on, moving about on wooden flooring can feel downright chilly!

  • Hypoallergenic

Modern carpets are often made to be hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic carpets are designed to not set off anyone’s allergies, which is great if you’re a year-round sufferer. 

  • Quieter

If you have a cat or dog in the house, and they’re house-trained, then carpets are a solid choice. Hearing your dog scrabbling around or your cat scratching on the floor is distracting. When you are working from home and trying to be efficient, it can be the last thing you need. Also, your partner can move around almost silently too. So, if you’re trying to have a late lie-in on the weekend, carpets are better than wood floors that echo sound around the home. 

  • Low Maintenance

Carpets are easy to clean, and it doesn’t require much effort to do so. Running a vacuum over them is all that’s required most of the time. Other types of flooring regularly need chemical cleaners, mopping with water, and time to dry. This introduces extra moisture in the home, and maybe unwanted chemicals too unless you seek out expensive eco-friendly floor cleaners instead. Only occasionally will a carpet need or benefit from a deep cleaning from a professional carpet cleaning service. Meanwhile, adding some carpet air freshener will resolve any issues within the carpeting material that remain after vacuuming. 

  • Less Expensive

Compared to getting a carpet pulled up, removing all the fittings, and then prepping and laying down new hardwood flooring, the former is usually less expensive than the latter. With the fitting, carpets are easier to cut to size and fit than wood or other flooring types. They can be completed in a reduced time with far less mess too. Overall, it’s a cleaner job and the final appearance reflects that reality too. 

  • Many Colours & Designs Available

Carpeting comes in many designs and colour choices available. Not only are there are a multitude of colour swatches to choose between, but there are also striped carpets and other designs as well. With wooden or other flooring types, there are far fewer choices for the homeowner. 

Carpets aren’t always the best option – it’s necessary to take it case by case – but many times, they are the right fit. Talk with a carpeting specialist to see if they have something that’ll match or accent your existing décor.