What Is Trey Kulley Majors Nationality, Job, Relationship Status, And Role as a Father?

trey kulley majors

He is the son of Lee Majors and trey kulley majors. Lee is the father of trey kulley majors. He is an American actress.

Summary of Profile

  • Name in Full: trey kulley majors
  • Person: Male
  • Birthday: October 22, 1992
  • Nationality: United States
  • Job Description Model
  • Big Brother Lee Majors
  • Status of Relationship: Single
  • Dane Luke Majors is twin brother Sam.

The early years of trey kulley majors

Little trey kulley majors was born on October 22, 1992. He is the twin son of Lee Majors and Karen Velez, who used to be married to Lee. He is 31 years old now, in 2023. They have more than one child, not just trey kulley majors. He is one of four children. Their names are Lee Majors II, Nikki Majors, and Dane Luke Majors (twin brothers).

And Trey Kelly Majors’s Other Job Path

While Trey Kulley has tried his hand at modelling, his twin brother Dane Luke has chosen to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an actor. Both of the famous actor’s twin kids look a lot like their father, and Lee is clearly very proud of either of them.

Who is trey kulley majors father?

Lee Majors, aka “The Six Million Dollar Man,” is the father of trey kulley majors. He got his start as a TV movie on ABC. But people liked the action movie so much that it was quickly picked up for a full season. Majors stayed in the role of Steve Austin, the former astronaut whose body had been changed with different bionic parts. The show had multiple seasons and even a spin-off based on the famous character Jaime Sommers because people all over the world loved it.

In conclusion

Trey’s dad has had a lot of success and made a lot of contacts in Hollywood. His twin brother, Trey Kulley, has already had some success and has been in films like “To the Moon” and “Severed Road.”

The father of trey kulley majors is now married to Faith Cross. They got married on November 1, 2002. Faith sings, acts, and models too. Even though Faith was young when she married Lee, they don’t have any kids together. There was a lot of talk about their big age difference when they got married in 2002. Faith was 27 and her husband was 62.