The Ritual Of Love For Soulstone Survivors, An Old Ceremony


The Ritual of Love for Soulstone Survivors Origins

A chosen few who were aware of the dark mysteries of love conducted the Ritual of Soulstone Survivors for the first time more than 2,000 years ago. The ritual aimed to mend shattered hearts and reunite separated lovers. It was thought that by carrying out the ceremony, people who took part may communicate with their loved one’s spirit, with immortality being a potential side-effect. Ultimately, the soulstone survivors—love manifest—were created as a result of this historic ritual.

A small number of people continue to undertake the ritual today in order to accomplish exceptional acts of love and connection. After experiencing horrific losses, these rites help souls achieve peace and understanding. As a result, it still plays a significant role in human history and customs.

How the Love Ritual Is Conducted

Soulstone survivors still perform a centuries-old ritual called a ritual of love. How did soulstone survivors come to be recognised as a distinct group, and what are soulstone survivors? People who are soulstone survivors maintain communication with their souls after passing away. Any item or site that is utilized to link the living and the dead is referred to as a soulstone.

One of the earliest civilizations to employ soulstones was ancient Egypt. The custom probably started in Africa and then extended throughout Europe and Asia. Priests used soulstones to communicate with the gods in classical Greece and Rome. Priests in medieval Europe treated patients using soulstones.

There are still a few soulstone Survivors across the world, despite the fact that their practice has decreased recently. In modern times, the majority of soulstone Survivors live in North America, Europe, and Japan. They carry out their rites at private consecrations, which are ceremonies or gatherings.

Prospective Survivors must go through a protracted healing and purifying process in order to take part in a consecration. The following requirements must be met by candidates: they must renounce all acts of violence, hatred, anger, and hurtfulness toward others; they must state their intention to coexist peacefully with others; they must swear never to reveal information that could endanger others; they must agree not to engage in any self-care that might result in ego inflation; and they must swear never to seek power over others or things. When all of these requirements have been satisfied, new survivors are requested to provide a gift of jewelry or an item of clothing.

The Significance of Ritual Symbols

The ancient ritual of love is performed by the soulstone survivors in memory of their lost loved ones who have died away. The following are the meanings of the ceremonial symbols:

The first symbol is shaped like a heart. This is a metaphor for the deceased person’s heart. The second icon is an upward-pointing arrow. This symbolizes the reunification of the dead and growing hope for the living. A shield appears as the third icon. This stands for safety from harm and being encircled by loved ones during this trying time. The crossroads is the fourth image. This implies that decisions must be taken in life and that this voyage may pave the way for several such adventures in the future. The keyhole is the sixth icon. This implies that we have the ability to let love back into our life by widening the doors to our heart and intellect.

Fasting and meditation as ritual preparation

A moving and touching ceremony honoring individuals who have lost loved ones to death is the ancient ceremony of soulstone survivors ritual of love revealed. The purpose of the ritual is to facilitate the bereaved person’s emotional and spiritual healing as well as their reunification with their departed loved ones.

Participants will fast for a while prior to ceasing all physical activity to prepare for the event. Additionally, they will focus on happy memories and feelings associated with their deceased loved ones. They will exchange tributes and kiss soulstones that have been decorated with prayers, memories, and dreams throughout the ceremony. They will pour drinks into the soulstones and ignite candles in memory of their loved ones.

Beliefs of the Soulstone Survivors Regarding Love and Soulmates

True love, according to Soulstone survivors, is what matters most in life. They have the view that everything else in life will be simpler if you have a sincere and pure love. Soulstone survivors hold that you must undergo a soulstone survival ritual in order to discover genuine love. You can find your true self and the person you were destined to be with the help of this ritual.

You are required to dress in a mask or other item of clothing that best expresses who you are at your core during the event. You are instructed to sit in one of two ground circles after donning the clothes. Those seeking love should go to the first circle, while those seeking self-awareness should go to the second.

Artists will sing music and poetry throughout the event while they paint symbols on each participant’s skin. Some of these symbols signify the kind of relationships people desire, such as those with friends, family, or love partners. They are then escorted inside one of two temples where they will give their hearts away after each person has had their time being painted.

Where to Attend the Ceremony of the Ritual of Love

Native American culture, which honors the continuation of life, has a major ceremony known as the soulstone surviving ritual of love explained. Couples exchange soulstones, ceremonial stones that represent their union, during the ritual. The pair is then kept close and shielded from harm by the stones being buried together.


Because soul stone survivors are a distinct species, their ceremonies are quite unusual. One of the oldest ceremonies still in use, this ceremony of love plays a significant role in Soulstone survivors’ society. Continue reading to find out its significance and how you may take part in this lovely ritual!