4 Makeup Tips You Need to Know

Makeup Tips

Being skillful in applying makeup not only maintains a flattering skin tone but also helps save most of our time. We do miss out on some of the important steps while applying makeup, which in result give us flaky, dry and unwanted look. To save time and money, we need to make sure to follow the main 4 steps while doing our routine makeup. 

Moisturize Well

Moisturizers are a great way to keep skin hydrated. But when it comes to applying makeup, putting too much moisturizer can do no good. Experts advised no excess moisturizer when putting foundation. This is because too much moisturizer can make your foundation slip. Make sure to apply only a pea-sized moisturizer and rub it throughout the face using your palms. Let the moisturizer stay for 1 minute before starting applying makeup.

Primers, Concealers

Primers are a must. Primers ensure makeup to hold up for a longer time. It should be put ahead of foundation or concealer. Concealer is used in covering scars and should be heavier then foundation. Also, eye concealer should be applied in a triangle and not in circle or semi-circle to avoid panda effect. 

Build The Foundation

The right foundation is one with similar, matching shade to face and chest. Take a photo of yourself after applying the foundation to see how it looks like in photos. Dark eye shadows and mascara should be applied first before foundation to avoid knocking excess pigments onto the face. In any case, fallen pigments are simply removed by using a cotton bud dipped in clean water. Another important step is to Choose the right foundation according to skin type. When you have oily skin, use a matte liquid foundation. If you have red skin (perhaps, sensitive), use a liquid foundation. Lastly, when you have flaky skin, use a tinted moisturizer. When choosing the color of foundation, look for natural shade for your skin.

Line the Lips

Choose a pencil lipstick that is similar to the natural color of your lips. For smooth and buttery lips, apply lip balms before going to sleep. When looking for the right red lipstick, apply 3 lines on the lips then smile. The color that makes your teeth the whitest is the right red lipstick for you.