Who Is Ted Bundy’s Current wife, Asks Carole Ann Boone Now?

Carole Ann Boone Now

One of the most infamous serial killers in history was Ted Bundy. As a rapist and necrophile, Bundy is known to have kidnapped and killed at least 36 young women throughout the 1970s, while his actual victim count may have been higher. For his cruel actions, Bundy received an electric chair execution sentence in 1989.

The fact that Ted Bundy was reputed to be extremely attractive and personable made it all too simple for him to entice his victims and win their trust. This is one of the most scary features of Ted Bundy. One specific woman, Carole Ann Boone, supported his innocence all the way to the very end, marrying him and giving birth to his daughter, Rosa Bundy.

It is perplexing how Bundy and Boone seem to interact in such an odd way. How could she have faith in someone who had been jailed for such heinous crimes? Who would attach themselves to a person waiting to be executed? Continue reading to learn more about her background and current location.

Carole Ann Boone met in what way?

Boone and Bundy first crossed paths in 1974 while they were both employed with Olympia, Washington’s Department of Emergency Services. Boone was caring for her son James while going through her second divorce.

Boone and Bundy were also both in separate relationships; Bundy was seeing Elizabeth Kloepfer, who had been his girlfriend for a long time. Due to this, Boone originally rejected Bundy’s attempts to pursue her; nevertheless, as time passed, they became closer and finally began a love connection.

Courtroom wedding

Boone remained by his side the entire time he was in court, steadfastly fighting to defend him, and there was no question in her mind that Bundy was innocent. Boone even assisted Bundy with his plot to leave from jail and travel to Florida, where he would later kill three more young women, by acting as a character witness for Bundy.

Bundy proposed to Boone in the courtroom, and the two pronounced their marriage in front of the judge in an effort to win over the jury’s gentler side. Boone relocated close to the jail after Bundy was handed the death punishment so she could frequently visit him.

At times, Boone would even slip narcotics into Bundy through her genital area. They managed to have intercourse during these trips, and as a result, Rose Bundy, who was born in 1982, was born.

The truth is revealed

Carole Boone didn’t decide to divorce him until 1986, only three weeks before Ted Bundy was put to death, and she then moved back to Washington with James and Rose. As Bundy’s execution date drew closer, he grew more eager to confess to his heinous crimes, eventually admitting that he had raped, murdered, and mutilated over thirty women.

Boone was completely devastated to hear the truth about Bundy’s cruel deeds and shut off all communication with him after that. She even rejected him when he tried to get in touch with her the day of his execution. Boone and her family, who were undoubtedly devastated by Bundy’s psychological mistreatment and abuse, went off the grid in an effort to heal.

The life of Carole Boone after Bundy

Carole Boone changed her identity and concealed her whereabouts from anybody looking for her, doing everything she could to start over and create a tranquil life for herself and her kids.

Nobody knew where she was until January 2018, when she reportedly passed away at the age of 70 at a retirement facility in Washington State after going into septic shock. Nobody there was aware of her background or former identities. She was well-known among her pals for “enjoying knitting” and “watching nature programs.”