Who Is Ken Goldin Wife? His Marriage To Jenn Goldin


Ken Goldin has made a lot of money selling sports collectibles, as seen in King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch. Ken made a reality show with Netflix because he thought that a show about his business would be good for advertising. The Goldin Touch is popular on Netflix, which makes Ken’s business known all over the world.

ken goldin wife Jenn Goldin have two children: Paul and Carleigh.

Jenn Goldin is married to Ken Goldin. They have two kids together: Paul, 9, and Carleigh, 5.

Ken uses Instagram, but Jenn doesn’t have an account because she likes to keep things to herself.

Ken is married to someone else and has a daughter named Laura.

Ken was married before he married Jenn. His oldest child, Laura, is from this marriage and plays a major role in The Goldin Touch. It’s not clear why Ken split up with his first wife.

Say “Happy Bring Your Mom to the Tailgate Day!” In late February 2020, Laura wrote something with pictures of her mother.

It’s not clear if Laura wants to work with Ken on his business. The Goldin Touch shows that she is smart, friendly, and clever, all of which could help her get a job with Ken.

“The Jordan to my Pippen,” Laura wrote next to a picture of herself and Ken from early May 2023. “Watch all six episodes right now to see how I teach my dad how to get along with others.”