The Story Of Kyoko Chan Cox, Yoko Ono’s Daughter Who Was Lost And Then Found

kyoko chan cox

How do I find kyoko chan cox?

Kyoko was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1963. She has been alive for 60 years now. As for her exact birthday, most news outlets thought she was born on August 8, but her social media accounts show her real birthday is March 17.

Soon after Cox was born, her parents moved to New York, USA. She mostly grew up there with her father Anthony taking care of her.

When she was young, she didn’t have an easy life because her parents were having problems with each other. My mum and dad officially split up when Kyoko was 5 years old, and her dad got custody of her. So, she never saw her mother when she was young.

She went to the Walter Reed Junior High School in North Hollywood, California, for her schooling. It is also unknown what school she went to in another country, where she learned, and she had private tutors teach her.

Besides that, Cox comes from both Japanese and English families, and she is Japanese by birth. She was raised in America from a very young age, though, so it’s likely that she is an American citizen.

The divorce of kyoko chan cox parents

Lennon said that at first, it looked like Ono and Cox would get a divorce without any problems, and there was no official custody agreement for Kyoko. They used to be together, but things got worse between them over time, and Cox ran away with the little girl.

Lennon and Ono looked for the child all over the world, from the United States to England, Denmark, and Spain. In the end, they chose to file for custody in the U.S. Virgin Islands, which is also where Ono and Cox’s divorce was filed.

While in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Lennons won custody of Kyoko. But when they went to get the child, they found that Cox had moved to Texas, set up residence, and was suing them.

The Fight for kyoko chan cox

The fight for Kyoko began again, but Cox left with his daughter when he saw that Ono and Lennon were almost certain to win the case because they agreed to the judge’s order that they raise Kyoko in America.

The Story of Kyoko the Kid and Her Dad on the Run

Cox and Kyoko went missing in December 1971, and Lennon and Ono tried hard and used a lot of resources to look for them but couldn’t find them anywhere. Ono wouldn’t hear from Kyoko again for nine years.

When Lennon was shot and killed outside of their New York apartment on December 8, 1980, he was 40 years old. Ono got a telegram from Kyoko and Cox saying they were sorry for her loss.

Cox and Kyoko lived under fake names for twenty years so that Ono and Lennon would not find them. When Lennon died in 1980, that was the last time Ono talked to her daughter. She didn’t even know if she was still living.

Sean Ono Lennon was Lennon and Ono’s only child together. He was born in 1975, and the 5-year-old boy had never met his sister. Ono was all by itself. She shut herself off from people after Lennon’s death because it hurt so much.

Kyoko and her mother get back together

Cox always said that his daughter wanted to stay out of the spotlight and away from all the fuss about her mother. In 1986, Ono wrote her daughter an open letter in which she told her she loved her and thought about her every day.

In 1997, Kyoko, who was 31 years old, married, and a mother, got in touch with Ono. The two met again. Kyoko got together with her brother Sean and showed her mother her two kids and her husband.

Kyoko has stayed close to her mother, who is now 87 years old, ever since. Kyoko stays out of the spotlight and lives with her family in Colorado. Like her mother, she works as an artist there.

In conclusion

Many people know that kyoko chan cox is the daughter of Yoko Ono, who is a famous Japanese singer, songwriter, multimedia artist, and peace activist. It’s also well known that her mother was married to the late English musician John Lennon, who was a lead singer in the English rock band The Beatles.

Also, Anthony Cox, Kyoko’s father, is an American jazz musician, film director, and art promoter. Yoko and Anthony were married for about six years before they split up.

These people only have one child. But Kyoko has a half-sibling called Sean Lenno because her mother married John Lennon, co-lead singer of the Beatles.