Ergonomics Process – A Must For Your Business Needs


Ergonomics is the science that ensures that equipment that is used repetitively is designed to be user friendly, so that the user will not suffer injury as a result of using equipment repeatedly. An ergonomics assessment looks at every process within your working environment and works out the best way for the tasks that have to be done to be carried out in a safe fashion that avoids repetitive strain injuries and accidents.

From a health and safety point of view every business needs ergonomics no matter how small that business is. Even if you employ just two office workers and no other staff you can benefit from an ergonomics assessment to look at how they work. Doing so you will prevent sickness as a result of repetitive strain injuries to their wrists, hands and backs caused by poor screen positioning, bad seating or desks.

Ergonomics Assessments Make Economic Sense

By law you are not required to carry out ergonomics assessments, but if you do you are contributing to fulfilling your obligation to provide a safe working environment under health and safety regulations.

From an economic point of view using good ergonomics in the workplace reduces sickness and makes your staff more productive. If someone is not suffering from aches and pains they will concentrate better and will usually work faster than someone who is in pain. Some ergonomics assessors can also design shift patterns to ensure that your staff are well rested.

Finding a Good Ergonomics Assessor

As with all things it is wise to look around for a good ergonomics assessor rather than just going with the first one you find. You should look for one that has experience and provides a service that is tailored to your business. Ideally you want your ergonomics assessor to already have experience of your industry, but this is not absolutely essential. If you know of someone who has recently employed an ergonomics assessor ask for their opinion on how good a job their assessor did, if they are happy with their work use the same assessor yourself.