Perfect shower screen – what to consider?

Perfect shower screen

Regardless of whether you are in the process of renovating your bathroom or decorating the entire room – if you want to buy well-fitting shower screen – you need to pay attention to a few things. There are many options of shower screens available on the market and without properly determining your needs, you may make an ill-advised decision. Let’s get to know better of shower screens and find this ideal!

  1. Why is choosing the right shower screen important?
  2. What types of bath screens are available on the market?
  3. What screen material will be a good choice?
  4. What should you pay attention to when choosing the perfect bath screen for your bathroom?

Finding the perfect bath screen doesn’t have to be difficult – if you know where to start, what to look for when purchasing and understand that price is not the key. Read on and you will gain valuable knowledge on this topic. Connect all these issues and you will find your dream solution in no time!

Why is choosing the right shower screens important?

Knowing what kind of shower screen you need is crucial. So start by defining your needs, determine your must-have and you will be able to choose the best option at a low cost. It is not an art to arrange a bathroom nicely and functionally without budget limits. The key is to look for shower screens that will meet your practical and aesthetic requirements without breaking your household finances. You will find many such interesting examples of bath screens on the website: The best thing, however, is that the shower screen will be appreciated both by supporters of long and warm baths in the bathtub and by those who prefer a quick and economical shower bath. Also remember – price is not everything.

What types of bath screens are available on the market?

It’s a good idea to pay attention to the shapes of the screens before moving on to other issues. There are mainly four types of shower screens on the market: retractable, tilting, foldable and accordion. In this division, we take into account the type of construction as what determines individual types. Everyone can save you from a wet room, but everyone does it in a slightly different way. If you are designing a new bathroom, take this into account at this stage. If you are renovating – do not forget that the choice of a specific screen will affect how you will have to install it.

Pull-out screens are one of the most frequently chosen types due to the space saving they provide. If you choose the tilting type, prepare more space on the floor. Similar requirements apply to folding screens. Recently, original accordion screens have also become more popular, but if you have a modern-style bathroom – this will not necessarily be the best type. They will work better in vintage styles.

What screen material will be a good choice?

Shower screens are most often made of plexiglass (polystyrene) or glass (you will find a great example on this page: According to experts and users themselves, glass shower screens are a much better solution. The point is that they are durable, solid, but also aesthetically more pleasant. They look more elegant. They are also easier to keep clean. However, if you want something cheaper – choose plexiglass shower screens. However, you must be aware that such shower screens are susceptible to damage and scratches and cleaning will be more difficult. They are often used on corner or asymmetric bathtubs, where there is an arch to which it is difficult to fit a perfectly sized screen, e.g. from another manufacturer. Alternatively, if your bathtub is of unusual shape or size, it is best to order a custom-made bathtub screen.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the perfect bath screen for your bathroom?

As we agreed, price is not the most important thing, but it is also worth paying attention to. However, first of all, look at the quality of the product, whether it fits, the length of the screen and other dimensions. Don’t move without it. Even the highest quality screen will be of no use if you do not ensure proper fit. Remember that, above all, the screen is supposed to protect the bathroom against the harmful effects of water. If you forget about it and don’t take care of the proper fit – constant repairs will become a permanent part of your everyday life. So, put your effort into this task and, with the help of a screen, create a space that you will enjoy – regardless of whether you prefer a modern design or a classic design. The various styles and shapes of pravans available on the market will surely satisfy your taste, even if you have really high expectations.

Choose, above all, tempered safety glass, styles tailored to the bathroom floor design and look at leading brands. If you approach it this way, it is almost more than certain that the bathtub screen that will fit your ideal will be exactly the ideal you are looking for. Good luck! We are sure that you will find what you need.