How to Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary


All too often, our bedroom becomes a multifunctional space. Of course, it is where we sleep at night, but it is also where we store our clothes and accessories and where we rush to get ready in the morning or before a night out. Ideally, your bedroom should be reserved for relaxation and disconnecting from day to day stresses. Whether you curl up with a book, your partner, or just take some time to yourself to unwind, your bedroom should be somewhere you can do so in peaceful comfort. If your bedroom has become more of a storage room than a place for relaxation and rest, here are some ideas to help you make your bedroom the soothing sanctuary it should be. 

Keep things simple and minimalist

Simple design and limiting how much you keep in your bedroom is essential when trying to create a relaxing environment. If you are trying to sleep in the middle of mounds of laundry, books, shoes, unnecessary furniture, and sentimental keepsakes, you are likely to struggle to switch off. Look at the items in your room and only keep what is essential. This will also make the room easier to keep clean, and by having fewer items of furniture, you can focus on quality and bring the décor of the room to the forefront.

If you are struggling with storage or a lack of space, there are some great companies which specialise in designing bespoke bedrooms to make the most of any size and shape of room so that it works for your lifestyle. 

Install adjustable lighting

Whether you install a bulb with a dimmer switch to make the room brighter or darker or you bring in some standalone lamps, give yourself some lighting options. Sometimes you will want a bright room and will need the main light on the ceiling, e.g., when you are getting ready, but when trying to relax, you want a warmer and softer glow. 

Choose a calming colour scheme

It is well known that the color scheme used in a room can significantly change the atmosphere and sense of space, and luckily it is one of the simplest and cheapest changes you can make. With a lighter color scheme on the walls, floor, bedding, and curtains, you can make a room seem much lighter, airier, and bigger. Choose colours you find most relaxing and try them in a pastel shade. 

Consider the placement of your bed

Some people choose to place the bed in the middle of the room, but this is not necessarily the best choice if you want to feel safe and secure at night. Placing the headboard against a wall (but not under a window, if possible) gives a sense of security and minimizes drafts and noises, which might disturb your sleep. You may also want to place an ottoman or bench at the foot of the bed to increase the sense of security and maximize storage.

Bring in natural elements

Having plants in your bedroom is a great idea as they help to purify the air and have been found to have a calming effect. If you are not keen on the idea of bringing live plants into the room, pictures of beaches, forests, or other natural landscapes can also help to relax you. Click here for some examples of calming plants to keep in your bedroom.