How To Cope With A Restless Mind – A Few Practical And Easy Tips

How To Cope With A Restless Mind

Learn practical & easy tips by leading Therapists

What is a restless mind? One might ask and the answer to that question is pretty straightforward. A restless mind plays certain thoughts in a repetitive way without coming to a fruitful conclusion. It is one of the primary symptoms in a person who is either stressed out or is having a bout of anxiety.

A restless mind can often lead a person to a deep level of depression since the thoughts are often those that caused a great deal of stress and sadness for the individual. All in all, a restless mind will weave strings of fruitless thoughts and exaggerate the same. That being said, let us now take a closer look at some tips that anyone can do to put their restless mind at ease:

Cognitive distancing is the best approach to ease a restless mind – says the leading therapist

Cognitive distancing

The human mind often stresses coming up with the outcome of a scenario it imagines being true but in most of the cases, it is not. One can easily train their mind to balance out negative thoughts from their mind by looking at a questionable scenario with a positive result. In case your girlfriend is paying you less attention, and sending out a lot of emails, instead of sniffing out a case of infidelity why not think of her actions as her added efforts in making more money for the future of your time together?

Come up with a therapy to ease your mind

Come up with a mantra to ease your mind

Come up with a phrase and repeat the same when you feel like you are losing control on your mind. As per studies, it was found that reciting a self-made mantra can help a person to work on their self-judgement and show on their actions. Use a mantra to stop your mind from rehashing the past or thinking too much about the future.

As per therapists, there is no better medicine than focussing on your present

focussing on your present

Focus on your present. As it was said in the film Kung Fu Panda, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called present.” What one can easily take away from this famous dialogue is that revisiting the past is fruitless; focussing too much on the future keeps you from shaping it up with your actions in the present. It is best to focus on your present actions so that you can have a bright future.

A restless mind will feed your brain with fruitless thoughts that are not only harmful to your psychological wellbeing but also for your physical health as well. Repetitive thoughts drain your energy, takes you back to the past or to the future neither of which is in your control. When you stop living in the moment, you lose focus on your present leading to deterioration in social, professional and personal lives.

A racing mind will create a hard-to-escape loop in your mind that can even lead to memory impairment and loss of sleep. Be sure to follow the tips mentioned above or if they won’t work don’t feel hesitate to consult with a professional psychological wellness counsellor such as as soon as possible for best results.