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There are lots of games available on the internet that can be played to pass the time or relax. The business has been given fresh life by the growing accessibility and popularity of internet gaming.

A lot of individuals are making games and other similar artistic projects with this chance and uploading them to the internet. A further illustration of this is the game

This website is gaining popularity mostly in the United States and has a respectable amount of user traffic. To find out more about this game, keep reading. You may want to look into BC if you’re interested in playing games on your iOS smartphone. Download games for iOS, which provides a selection of gaming possibilities. game : what is it?

As we have already mentioned, the game is really basic. Some reports claim that anonymous users may have created the website.

Rafael Rozendaal may have also been the project’s creator, according to some reports. Additionally, credible evidence points to as the project’s originator. The same visual artists made numerous more games, including this one that became well-known in the US.

The Game’s Look and Operation

Now let’s have a look at the project’s workflow and the game’s appearance.

  • The appearance of this game is really simple.
  • The website features a white background with mouse scrolling.
  • Users of smartphones are able to interact with the website through touch.
  • In this game, you have to cut the webpage till it turns blood red.

Learn More About the Game at

  • “Dead to Flesh,” as the website puts it, means that it is exceedingly toxic or hazardous for skin contact.
  • The website and the game both function on the same concept.
  • It is possible for players to navigate the website by making cuts.
  • These cuts resemble those done on flesh quite a bit.
  • The homepage is editable. The incisions will take on a flesh-like appearance as their colours shift.
  • The cut will turn red if it is overly thick.
  • A more art-based endeavour than a game, has gained a lot of popularity lately.
  • A lot of individuals like playing the game. Some say it’s a terrific way to unwind and pass the time. Some refer to it as a psychological remark.
  • This website is frequently used by users as a vent for frustration or suicidal ideas.

The Final Judgement

As previously mentioned, “Fatal to the Flesh” is a single-serving effort that is now gathering traction.

What are your feelings on this project? How do you feel? Comment on the game here. This game can also be used to de-stress and unwin