BLACK WATER Official Trailer- 2 (2018) Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme


Black Water is a trending action thriller film created in the direction of Pasha Patriki. Below is the new trailer of Black Water (2018 film) which shows off a bit more of the storyline.

Cast Of Black Water

Jean-Claude Van Damme as Wheeler
Dolph Lundgren as Marco
Courtney B Turk as Melissa Ballard
Patrick Kilpatrick as Patrick Ferris
Al Sapienza as Edward Rhodes
Cathal Pendred as Dax
Jasmine Waltz as Cassie Taylor
Lance E. Nichols as Buchanan
John Posey as Captain Darrows
Aaron O’Connell as Ellis
Tom Glynn as Crewcut
Ian Niles as Reed
Kris Van Damme as Kagan
Tandi Tugwell as Riley