What are the benefits of using e-collars for training your dog?

dog E-collars

Getting a puppy sounds all fun and games until you have to actually give it time, and train it the way you want. This often leads to a lot of exhausting days, exasperating experiences, injured hands, and torn clothes; and is not something that every dog owner will be up for. Most people eventually give up on their training, which leads to their dogs turning into aggressive or untrained pets which are annoying and often dangerous as well.  

For that very reason, it is always important to only commit to adopting a dog when you can actually give it time, and when you know, you can do the required research needed for training it. One of the ways in which people can effectively train their dogs is by using an e-collar.  

An e-collar is an electronically controlled collar that administers vibrations and static stimulations that can help enforce the idea of positive and negative behaviour in dogs. It is an extremely effective way of teaching dogs the difference between right actions and wrong actions. Here are some of the benefits of using e-collars for training your dog:

Painless mode of training

A lot of trainers often get frustrated with their dogs and can end up hurting them while training them. This can lead to a lot of aggression and bad behaviour in dogs. E-collars such as the ET-300 ensure that all the dog feels nothing more than an annoying flick on the neck. It is enough to get a dog’s attention and ensure that the dog understands that what it has done is a ‘bad action.’ Over time, this painless method of training makes the dog associate the annoying flick around the neck with the bad action, which eliminates the chances of that action being repeated.

Adjustable settings

The myth surrounding all e-collars being painful is based on poor and older technologies of shock collars. This is not the case. E-collars now come with adjustable settings based on the size of the dog, the trainer’s needs for the vibration and stimulation, and the dog’s aggression level and behaviour. Based on these factors, a suitable stimulation level can be chosen that works optimally and does not hurt the dog. These settings can also be saved so that the collar is programmed precisely according to that specific dog.


Most trainers claim that not only do e-collars work faster than other modes of stand-alone training, but they also work the best when combined with other forms and methods of instruction; especially verbal commands. Dog trainers that use e-collars report that this is one of the most efficient ways of getting commands and messages across to dogs; especially in terms of reinforcing excellent and bad behaviour.

If you plan on getting a dog, be prepared for all the hassle that comes along with it. Training a dog is extremely important, which is why the right tools such as e-collars are good investments for your pets. Investing in a good e-collar can save you a lot of hassle and a lot of time as well. Check out E Collar Technologies for a wide range of e-collars and other training tools.